1. cassius adair
    Is Transsexualism Chronic?
  2. james bliss
    Defense, Redemption, Care: Black Feminist and Queer Studies (Review essay)
  3. mei-hua chen and hong-zen wang
    Assembling Intimate Labor in Taiwan’s Cross-Border Marriage
  4. sealing cheng
    Choreography of Masculinity: The Pursuit of Marriage by African Men in Forced Displacement in Hong Kong
  5. jordache ellapen
    Siyakaka Feminism: Intersectionality, African Anality, and the Politics of Deviance in FAKA’s Performance Art Praxis
  6. mercer gary
    Disability and Debility under Neoliberal Globalization (Review essay)
  7. eric james
    The Representational Necropolitics of Black Women in Zombie Dystopia Video Games
  8. analouise keating, emek ergun, nida sajid, keishakhan perry, sirisha naidu, sangeeta kamat, and richa nagar
    Epistemic Agitations and Pedagogies for Justice: A Conversation around Hungry Translations: Relearning the World through Radical Vulnerability
  9. candice lyons
    Behind the Scenes: Elizabeth Keckley, Slave Narratives, and the Complexities of Queer Agency
  10. kirin makker
    Womb Chair Speaks (Art essay)
  11. nina medvedeva
    Belong Anywhere? Airbnb’s Corporate Narratives as Emotional Governance
  12. nadine naber
    The Radical Potential of Mothering during the Egyptian Revolution
  13. jennifer c. nash
    Black Lactation Aesthetics: Remaking the Natural in Lakisha Cohill’s Photographs (Art essay)
  14. priti ramamurthy and vinay gidwani
    Punctuated Violence and the Gender of Value
  15. sally robinson
    Making, Unmaking, and Remaking “Men”: New Work in Feminist Masculinity Studies (Review essay)
  16. ka-ming wu
    Pink “Flaneur”: Feminist Activism and Urban Infrastructures in China
  17. shana ye
    The Drama of Chinese Feminism: Agency, Violence, and Postsocialist Coloniality
  18. cai yiping
    What Do Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Have to Do with China’s Global Engagement? (News & Views)
  19. jiwoon yulee
    A Feminist Critique of Labor Precarity and Neoliberal Forgetting: Life-Stories of Feminized Laboring Subjects in South Korea

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