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Issue 43-1

This issue of Feminist Studies intervenes in the study of masculinities as well as women’s movements in Eastern Europe. Angela Willey and Banu Subramaniam explore “white nerd masculinity” at the heart of the TV series The Big Bang Theory, while Jessica Johnson draws our attention to the virulently muscular brand of Christian masculinity preached by Mark Driscoll in his multi-state Mars Hill Church. Gergely Kunt offers a rare first-person glimpse into the complexities of a World War II sexual economy via the diary of a Hungarian refugee. Magdalena Grabowska asks Western feminists to rethink their dismissal of women who lived under state socialism. Jo Reger calls our attention to the frequently problematized “wave” metaphor as she locates the roots of disidentification with previous generations of feminists. Jennifer Ann McLerran’s essay on Mohawk quilt artist Carla Hemlock expands on Native feminist ethics. Eileen Boris’s review essay highlights the racialized, gendered, classed, and transnational intertwining of fashion and feminism. Our featured poet is Rachel Marie-Crane Williams. The issue closes with two reflections on the January 21st Women’s March on Washington: Mrinalini Chakraborty, Head of Field Operations and Strategy for the Women’s March, explains in an interview the inception of the march and its many logistical and political challenges, while Tracy Jean Boisseau describes uplifting interactions that many march-goers experienced that day.





Angela Willey and Banu Subramaniam
Inside the Social World of Asocials: White Nerd Masculinity, Science, and the Politics of Reverent Disdain
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Jessica Johnson
Under Conviction: “Real Men” Reborn on Spiritual and Cinematic Battlefields
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Jennifer McLerran
Difficult Stories: A Native Feminist Ethics in the Work of Mohawk Artist Carla Hemlock (Art Essay)
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Gergely Kunt
Wartime Sexual Economy as Seen through a Hungarian Woman’s World War II Diary
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Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
Both Sides Now (Poetry)
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Magdalena Grabowska
Bits of Freedom: Demystifying Women’s Activism under State Socialism in Poland and Georgia
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Eileen Boris
Fashion Works (Review Essay)
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Jo Reger
Finding a Place in History: The Discursive Legacy of the Wave Metaphor and Contemporary Feminism
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News and Views

Mrinalini Chakraborty
The Women’s March on Washington: Words from an Organizer (Interview by Ashwini Tambe)
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Tracey Jean Boisseau
The Crowd
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Cover Art (front)

FRONT   Carla Hemlock, Treaty Cloth Shirt, 2012, back.

BACK   Carla Hemlock, Boomin’ Out, 2015, center detail.

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